About Us

Advanced Data Capture Solutions (ADC Solutions) is the IT solutions provider based in UAE. We provide solutions in the Middle East, Africa and India. ADC‘s approach to quality, commitment, process improvement, project management and solution building ensures consistency and enhanced customer satisfaction. We are a team of technocrats who are highly experienced in web solutions with the skill sets and expertise across the technologies used to provide innovative solutions. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and we are flexible in engagements to suit individual customer requirements. We abide to deliver the return on investments to our clients on time. Our strengths reflects on the solutions we deliver.

Our solutions are cross platform compatible, easy to use and easily accessible. They are built with world class security features which inturn protects clients data from vulnerabilities. We provide cloud based solutions. Cloud based solutions globalize the resources, reduces capital costs involved in the process & reduces spend on IT infrastructure. We support to the max through our updates and support.